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Guest Opinion: Dalrymple, Wrigley, Taylor and Chaffee Are Ineligible to be on the Ballot


North Dakotans have a right to know the truth.

It is illegal for Jack Dalrymple, Ryan Taylor, Wrigley, and Chaffee to be on the November ballot. Candidate Roland Riemers was removed from the ballot, after the primary, for violating election laws[Article V, Section 3 of N.D. Constitution and N.D.C.C. 16.1-11-06(2)]. Dalrymple, Wrigley, Taylor, and Chaffee all violated the same laws. They, too, by law must be removed from the ballot. Jaeger, however, has refused to obey the law and remove them, as he had done with Reimer. State ex rel. Dorval v. Hamilton, 20 N.D. 592, 129 N.W. 916 (1910) furthers this legal requirement to remove Dalrymple, Wrigley, Taylor and Chaffeefrom the ballot. (Note: Reimer later followed the legal process to run as an Independent candidate.)

In addition to an illegal candidacy, Dalrymple’s media propaganda has kept citizens from knowing we have a choice for a better governor. Our choice is Paul Sorum, a Conservative, Independent candidate for Governor. Dalrymple has washed the public to thinking the election is already sealed. He refuses to debate Paul Sorum, and keeps the media from letting citizens know about Paul.

Paul Sorum is a Conservative, a Christian, and he obeyed all laws to be legally on the ballot. As Governor, Paul will continue to uphold all laws, clean out the corruption of the current government, and restore citizens’ rights.

More truths to know: Dalrymple was given dozens of testimonies and evidence of illegal activities under his administration and corruption in courts.  His response was that he would do nothing to stop it. All North Dakota Farm Bureau members DO NOT SUPPORT DALRYMPLE as he claims they do.  The N.D. Supreme Court ruled in a case against Dalrymple’s administration, “Private Citizens do not have the power to enforce state laws against illegal campaigning.” Under Dalrymple, we citizens have lost our rights.

Paul Sorum will restore our rights, clean out corruption, restore parental rights, use oil money to pay for oil impact, lower our taxes, and let us keep more of our money in our families and businesses. Paul has the ability to take the myriad of problems and resolve them… and his Christian beliefs will bring integrity to those resolutions. Such integrity has been long lacking in our current government. The good news is, Paul Sorum is a choice we have. We citizens can vote in Paul Sorum as Governor of North Dakota.

Nikki McAlpin

Grassy Butte, N.D.


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wondersteve writes:

VOTERS BEWARE: Dalrymple amid Republican Governors and Democrats running Most Rubbished U.S. Governments. Please see or google Noted Democratic Mayors, Republican Governors Lead Most Rubbished Governments


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