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Hunting A Live Long Passion


Harris and his 2011 personal record mule deer buck.

Hunting sure has its challenges, but sometimes other obstacles stand in the way.

For local hunter Steve Harris Sr., hunting is a passion yet it has its extra challenges.

Ever since Harris moved to Sidney from Wisconsin 40 years ago, hunting has been a passion of his. “When I came out here and saw all the deer, it just got me turned on to hunting,” he said.

Harris in 1986 with one of his many bucks over the years.

Harris always enjoyed taking his kids out hiking with him, even when their legs got too tired and he had to carry them. It was always a family thing; there was always at least 1 of the kids that wanted to tag along. Now Harris’ kids are all grown up, and 2 of the boys kept that passion for hunting. Now that the boys are grown and on their own, Harris does more hiking by himself. “I love hiking, I love the nature of everything,” he stated, “If I get something, that’s just extra.”

Over the last 15 years ago, Harris has had asthma problems which just added one more challenge to the hunt. Harris stated, “I’m always up for a challenge.” He still carries back his deer and goes hiking, but now he has to go at a much slower pace.

Harris has had his share of ups and downs, just like every hunter. Last year was his best year yet as he harvested a personal record mule deer after a near perfect hunt. Harris and his son Steve Jr., set out on a hike and found him bedded down. After a great shot, they hauled it back the 3 mile hike together.

Plenty of memories have been made in his 40 years of hunting and Harris is adamant about one thing, “I have no intention of quitting.”


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