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  • Sidney Health Center Cancer Center Expansion

    Mackenzie Hill|Jul 10, 2024

    The Sidney Health Center Cancer Center recently conducted a tour of the new expansion of the cancer center. One that has roughly costed $7 million that started in 2022 but now has been completed with new treatment rooms, as well as some new technology to help patients with various conditions. With this new expansion they were able to add a Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber. A medical procedure that involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber to treat various conditions. Oxygen, when...

  • Hintz Fixer Upper Project

    Mackenzie Hill|Jul 3, 2024

    Sidney has its very own Joanna Gaines (Magnolia Network) in town with Cathy Hintz and her family. This family heard from their local neighbors that there was a home going up for auction. The neighborhood was in the hope someone would buy it in order to make some improvements on the eyesore. Cathy and her husband, Jeff, bought the house with the intent to flip the home. Adding their own experience to updating their own home, they were excited about the project. Cyrus, their son, took on 90% of...

  • Tarquin "Glissando" His Way To Success

    Mackenzie Hill|Jul 3, 2024

    Tarquin Bennion, Sidney, is one of the few selected students to be offered a full merit ride to the Interlochen summer program. A program that is a 6-week extensive summer program that prepares young adults for playing in orchestras and quartets. There are currently 48 violinists there, with Tarquin learning alongside them. The Interlochen camp welcomes 3,000 students and not only offers programs for music but also theater as well. The program changes assistant concertmasters each day and he...

  • Naldy Acing Tennis Courts Of Sidney

    Mackenzie Hill|Jun 26, 2024

    Naldy Hans, Sidney, is a hardworking man dedicated to helping bring people together that share a passion for tennis, and also wanting to involve his community is discovering a hidden passion for tennis they did not know they had. Offering free practice lessons open to the community for those who would love to find more people to play with, or to even learn how to play for the first time. Naldy will be providing open practices on Friday 6-8 a.m. Saturday 8-10 a.m. at Four painted courts. He is lo...

  • Sidney Will Be "Bakken" With Fun At The Bakken Barrel Daze June 29-30

    Mackenzie Hill|Jun 19, 2024

    Outback Barrel Racing has planned a two-day event for you and your family, Saturday June 29-30. The event will be located at the Richland County Fairgrounds and will be called the "Bakken Barrel Daze". Outback Barrel Racing is a non-profit organization who is full of volunteers dedicated to promoting barrel racing as a sport and a family event. They go above and beyond to help their community, even in a competitive environment. OBRA is all about having fun at their races and will even help...