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  • Early Detection Is Your Best Protection

    Patti Iversen|Oct 20, 2021

    "The biopsy was positive for breast cancer." Dr Bergin gently shared the news with me in the outpatient surgery unit that day. My mammogram and follow up imaging had shown some distortion of uncertain status, and further evaluation had been recommended. I didn't have any family history of breast or other GYN cancers, but was aware that statistically, one in eight women will experience breast cancer in her lifetime. Now, at age 54, I had just "joined" a Sisterhood of women with breast cancer....

  • Kid Stuff – Adult Immunizations

    Patti Iversen|Aug 18, 2021

    Kid stuff! As adults, we all remember things from our youth that have been left behind: bed time stories read by Mom, Santa wonderment, tooth fairy payments, Friday night curfews, teen acne. Some of these things we remember fondly and miss, and others we are happy to have outgrown. While our early years include a variety of immunizations, we never "outgrow" the need for vaccinations. The Center for Disease Control recommends several routine immunizations continuing through adult years. Tetanus...

  • Prioritize Your Health

    Patti Iversen|May 19, 2021

    Do you remember the routine airline pre-flight instructions? "In case of an emergency, an oxygen mask will drop from the overhead console. Please apply your mask before assisting others." In other words, being able to breathe and help others as needed during an emergency requires that you take time to put your own mask on first. The same idea applies to personal health maintenance. Making a priority of maintaining your health can not only contribute to your quality of life, but also let you...