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Notice of Public Hearing

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING DISTRICT NAME: Richland County Valley View Water District Subject: Proposed Special Assessment for Short-Lived Assets Replacement Fund Date of Public Hearing: Time: 6:30 PM Date: Thursday, April 25th, 2024 Location: 35264 County Road 121c, Sidney, MT 59270 Contact: GALE NELSON Phone: 406-480-7049 Address: 2811 3rd St NW, Sidney, MT 59270 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: (1) Pursuant to the provisions of 7-1-2121 MCA, that the Board of Directors of the Richland County Valley View Water District will hold a public hearing to discuss and receive public input on the proposed special assessment for the establishment of a Short-Lived Assets Replacement Fund to fund the construction and replacement of a new water well along with providing information of how that special assessment is collected and enforced. PROPOSED ACTION: (1) The District shall be initiating a special assessment of $75 per user per month to adequately fund the Short-Lived Assets Replacement Fund. This fund is essential to ensure the financial capability of replacing the newly constructed water well. The public hearing will also provide details of how the special assessment shall be enforced. (2) After the public hearing, the Board shall propose the resolution, and once the resolution of assessment has been certified by the secretary and the county clerk and recorder, it will be the duty of the county treasurer to collect the assessment in the same manner and at the same time as taxes for general and municipal purposes. SPECIAL ASSESSMENT ENFORCEMENT: (1) In case of delinquency, the District shall pursue enforcement of the lien of the special assessment pursuing sale of the whole property subject to the lien the same as other property is sold for taxes. NOTICE DISTRIBUTION: This notice will be published in accordance with statutory requirements and mailed to all persons who own property in the district and to all customers of the district at least 7 days and not more than 30 days prior to the public hearing. The mailed notice will include an estimate of the amount that property owners or customers will be charged under the proposed special assessment.

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