The Roundup -

Photos from: LYREC Hosts Annual Meeting

Back row, left to right, Rain Rehbein, Trey Bloesser, Katherine Hill, Elizabeth Hill, Gerit Johnson, Chad Christenson, Lilli Seitz, Autumn Rehbein, Ainhoa Idoate and Kallie Candee. Third row, left to right, Peyton Slater, Tyler Thiessen, Dylan Johnson, Ashlind Conradsen, Kylee Byer, Carson Cayko, Connor Fink, Seth Prevost, Jaden Strickland and Zachary Sommerfeld. Second row, left to right, Austin Strickland, Tianna Earle, Josephine Langwald, Catalina Langwald, Janelle Brien, Carlee Strasheim, Ben Brodhead, Jacalyn Wright, Cassidy Candee and Max Peters. Front row, left to right, Holly Bouchard, Kyle Topp, Kelly Danielson, Elizabeth Shannon, Kayla Nelson, Peyton Beyerle, Emma Skov, Owen Nelson, Jory Bell, Jace Johnson and Shanyn Reidle. Recipients must be attending an accredited school this fall in order to receive their scholarship.

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