The Roundup -

Photos from: REAL Montana Class IV Receives Training Focused On Working With Media And Press

Class IV at the KTVQ Studio on November 8. Back (L to R): Merrill McKamey, Dustin Martens, Mike Hatten, Colleen Buck, Sydney Resel. Middle (L to R) Skyler Hoefer, Leanne Bodell, Zachary Bashoor, Sue Ann Streufert, Cynthia Johnson, Courtney Greyn, Joel Krautter, Rob Koelzer, Tara Becken. Front (L to R): Shawn Fladager, Ed McIntosh, Victoria Hill, Tayla Snapp, Orry Fruit, Justin Miller, Anna Stitt, Collette Anderson, John Morgan, Russell Nemetz.  (Photo by Tara Becken)

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