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Neighborhood Watch Informational Meeting Set For Thursday In Sidney


A Neighborhood Watch informational meeting will be held at 7 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 3, in the upstairs conference room of the Community Services Building, 1201 W. Holly, Sidney.

The purpose of the meeting is to outline a Neighborhood Watch Program and what it would take to get the program started in Sidney.

A Neighborhood Watch Program is a crime prevention program that stresses education and common sense and empowers citizens to become active in community efforts through participation in neighborhood watch groups.

Richland-McCone County RSVP Director Idelle Badt has had several people inquiring about starting such a program in Sidney.

“We tried to start a Neighborhood Watch Program about five years ago and didn’t have anyone show up for the meeting,” said Badt, “We have all the materials from then that could be used if people really want to get this going.”

With the increase of residents and a noticeable increase in crime, newcomers and long-time residents are concerned about what can be done to feel safer.

“The size my of neighborhood has grown so much I see people who don’t know each other. I see people living in a sort of fear that is not necessary.” said Rachael Derry, a longtime area resident.

Derry shared her interest in the Neighborhood Watch program getting started.

“I see young mothers, many of them new to Sidney, that don’t realize how our friendly community was before all of the new people moved in. People in Sidney, in general, need to work together to make it better and keep it the way it was. Neighbors watching out for each other.”

Badt wants people to know that a program of this sort is a commitment, but residents can feel like they are doing something to make things better for their community neighborhoods.

With all of the small crime happening, a Neighborhood Watch Program could be a great asset to the community and the law enforcement departments that are overwhelmed and understaffed.

“It would help people feel safer being involved in a program like this.” commented Derry, “And maybe even get to know each other.”

For more information contact the RSVP office at 433-2207.


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