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A Valued Gift


By definition, the philanthropic spirit always finds an appropriate form of expression.

We see this philanthropic spirit clearly each time we witness the desire of a child determined to give a gift to a parent or teacher. That determination will always find the perfect way to express itself. And whether it is another tie for dad to add to his collection or an apple for a favorite teacher, the value of the gift is beyond measure.

Many often lament the fact that as we age many of our child-like characteristics sees to fade. Thankfully, however, the philanthropic spirit that seems to reside somewhere in the heart of everyone does not dissipate with age.

As a nation, Americans continually set new records for charitable support. Richland County and the surrounding area thrive in part because of a pervading generosity.

Indeed, the work of the Foundation for Community Care depends on private individual expressions of support that come our way in countless forms. Each year hundreds respond. For many the response includes a generous gift of time and energy through volunteerism. Of course, many find material ways to express their support through gifts to our annual fund efforts.

In fact there are many ways that you can make a gift to the Foundation for Community Care. The most common is the way hundreds choose to express their support each year by simply writing a check or giving cash. Many of these same individuals and families plan today for a future gift that comes in the form of a bequest that is articulated in the last will and testament.

These two ways of giving represent either end of a charitable spectrum – the first providing immediate support and the latter representing a final communication of a philanthropic heart. But between these two points on the giving spectrum there exist a number of other ways in which friends provide critical support to this organization. Often the way that a gift is made can have dramatic impact on helping to meet the long and short-term objectives of a donor.

Almost every gift to a qualified charitable organization comes with certain tax benefits. In many situations it is possible to receive more than just a charitable income tax deduction. Indeed, certain ways of giving make it possible to bypass capital gains taxes on appreciated assets, significantly reduce estate taxes, and even establish a whole new source of income for you and your family.

When it comes to expressing your philanthropic wishes, you may find that a dollar’s worth of value can be dramatically increased. The critical ingredient is careful planning.

The Foundation for Community Care will help match the ideal gifting strategy with your objectives. We will provide you with confidential information that will ensure that you get all of the tax benefits that our laws provide. We will also help you plan the timing of your gifts for maximum value to you. For more information on how you can leave a legacy in our community, stop by our office at 221 2nd Street NW, Sidney, call 406-488-2273, or send us an email at [email protected] We will provide you with a personalized illustration that will ensure that you get all the tax benefits that our laws provide.

One thing is certain, no matter what form your philanthropic expression may take, there is no way we can adequately express the value of your friendship and support.

This information is offered as an educational service. There is no cost or obligation, and any communication is treated in complete confidence. This information is not intended to replace the counsel of personal professional advisors.


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