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March 20th is the Eighteenth Annual Kick Butts Day


The Kick Butts theme is "What Does 1200 Look Like" Students county wide are making displays of 1200 items. Sidney Middle School Health Class did their projects early to display their photos at the health fair. All photos will be made into a photo book and mailed to our legislators to show Richland County youth knows what 1200 deaths a day from tobacco related illness looks like and they would like to Kick Big Tobacco's Butt for it!

Kick Butts Day is a day of activism that empowers youth to stand out, speak up and seize control against Big Tobacco across the United States and around the world.

Michelle Stagl and Lunden Backmeier with their display of 1200 Gummy Bears.

Big Tobacco is a group of tobacco companies which manipulate you into using harmful and addictive tobacco products by denying or down playing their deadly effects all for profit.

They especially go after the youth by creating candy flavored cigarettes and smokeless tobacco to entice them into trying their products. Big Tobacco needs the youth to replace a dying generation of tobacco users.

Stand up to Big Tobacco by encouraging youth in our area to make healthy choices and stay away from tobacco or call Jacklyn at the Richland County Health Department at 433-2207 for more information.


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