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Leadership Awards – Front: McKayla Haugeberg, Saige Feilmeier, Taylor Dwyer, Sam Jorgenson, Josh Rolfsrud and Cody Kirkland. 2nd Row: Devyn Marquardt, Korbin Knutson, Shania Rolla, Jade Hepper, Karissa Monsen and Alli Mogen. 3rd Row: Cole Jore, Jayden Vaupel, Keegan Thompson, Josh Rockeman, Lea Arndt and Allison Monsen. Back: Brice Brenno, Davis Zubke, Nate Egeberg, Kalen Hartel and Madison Brown.

On April 4, the Watford City FFA Chapter held their 54th annual banquet. Chapter officers presented the opening ceremonies. Over 200 parents, members and guests were in attendance. Andrew Kreidt, Southwest Region Vice President brought greetings from the State FFA Officer Team. Tessa Dwyer and Shania Rolla introduced the slide show recapping the years’ events. Members were presented with both production and agribusiness proficiency awards for their Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE) projects. With over 120 members, the Watford City FFA Chapter continues to develop its members through premier leadership, personal growth and career success.

The 2013 STAR Greenhand was Shania Rolla, the daughter of Steve and Darcie Rolla. Shania has been very active in FFA over her first two years. She attended the National FFA Convention, Leadership Conference, District Leadership and State Convention. She placed 2nd in the State Basic Ag Mechanics contest last summer at state convention. She was our second leading fruit seller last year and the top one this year, selling over $6,500 worth of fruit and steaks. Shania volunteers her time to help our FFA Chapter whenever asked. She has certainly started out her first two years in FFA at a very high level and will be hard to top, but she is determined to do just that.

Our STAR in Agribusiness this year was Nate Egeberg. Nate is currently our chapter Parliamentarian. He was named Star Greenhand his Sophomore year. He has attended almost every FFA activity over the past four years, including State Convention and Leadership Conference every year. Nate has had excellent SAE projects throughout all four years and even worked at S & S his Senior year. Nate volunteered his time to help our FFA Chapter whenever asked and his commitment to FFA is definitely appreciated by our members.

This year, we had two STARs in Ag Placement. They are Kalen Hartel and Cassidy Chapin. Kalen was a recipient of the beginning SAE grant as a freshmen for his soil project. Kalen has worked on his family farm his entire life and has had a great experience working for McKenzie Electric this past year. Cassidy has been very involved in FFA all through high school as she has attended every FFA activity possible. Cassidy has had great work experience throughout high school. She has even worked for both the floral shop and Rural water department.

We also had two STARs in Agriscience this year. They are Taylor Dwyer and Sam Jorgenson. Taylor has served this past year as FFA President and last year as Chapter Treasurer. Taylor has been very involved in FFA throughout her four years, attending all conferences and conventions. She earned Gold in the State Horse Judging CDE and Gold as Chapter President. Taylor has volunteered her time and efforts and our FFA Chapter appreciates all she has done. Sam has also been very active in FFA. She has gone to District Leadership all four years, where she qualified for state in job interview last year and extemporaneous speaking this year. She was our chapter treasurer this year and has done an outstanding job. She attended the leadership conference four years, attended the National FFA Convention, and never hesitated to help when asked.

Our STAR Farmer and recipient of the Casey Johnson $500 Memorial Scholarship is Allison Monsen. Allison has been an outstanding FFA member the past four years. She has attended district leadership three times, the Agriculture Olympics, State Convention twice, leadership conference three times, and the national convention last year. Allison has been our Chapter Reporter the past two years, where she earned Gold. She has also been one of our top fruit and meat salesman throughout high school.

The Outstanding Achievement Award went to Madison Brown. Madison has been a very active member of FFA. She has attended district leadership three times, where she was on our freshmen quiz team, Chapter Parliamentary Procedure team and demonstration. She has also attended the Leadership Conference, State Convention and National Convention. Madison takes pride in FFA and her achievements are definitely recognized. Congratulations Madison on the Outstanding Achievement Award.

The Appreciation Awards went to McKayla Haugeberg and Brandon Taylor. McKayla served as Chapter Sentinel these past two years. She is involved in and excels in so many different areas, but her time and energy devoted to FFA is definitely noticed. Whether it’s moving things along during Parliamentary Procedure practice or encouraging younger members to get involved, McKayla’s contribution to our chapter was hard to beat. Brandon Taylor has been a very active member ever since his Freshmen year. He has attended the State Convention every year. He volunteered his time to help our FFA Chapter when he didn’t have to. He takes pride in FFA and his devotion to our FFA Chapter is definitely recognized.

The Outstanding Service Award went to Josh Rockeman. Josh didn’t hesitate at all when asked to help out our FFA, whenever asked. He was also active in FFA as he attended the Agriculture Olympics, Leadership Conference and District Leadership. The Outstanding Leadership Award went to Davis Zubke. Whether it’s in his FFA attire, as a member of football, hockey or baseball, Davis is ready to lead. He is always level-headed, well-mannered and poised for the responsibilities given to him. He has helped out our FFA Chapter in many ways throughout the past four years and has been a great role model for our younger members. Davis has served as Historian the past two years and is an excellent student in school.

The Outstanding Scholar this year was Saige Feilmeier. Saige is an excellent student in school and the Ag department will definitely miss her organizational skills and attention to detail. She served as Vice President these past two years. Saige has been very involved in FFA over the past four years, participating in District leadership where she was named a Gold Officer last year, and State Convention, where she earned gold in horse judging.

The FFA Chapter also awarded plaques to the Outstanding member of each grade. Members earn points for participating in activities, volunteering their time, entering projects in the fairs and fundraising. The Outstanding Freshmen were Cody Kirkland and Karissa Monsen. The Outstanding Sophomore was Keegan Thompson. The Outstanding Juniors were Tessa Dwyer and Kari Berg. The Outstanding Senior was Josh Rolfsrud. Members were also recognized and presented leadership awards for their FFA accomplishments. The retiring officers included President Taylor Dwyer, Vice President Saige Feilmeier, Secretary Madison Brown, Treasurer Sam Jorgenson, Reporter Allison Monsen, Sentinel McKayla Haugeberg, Parliamentarian Nate Egeberg, Historian Davis Zubke and Student Advisor Brice Brenno. Other awards included Karissa Monsen for the Creed, Shania Rolla in Job Interview, Tara Loomer and Sam Jorgenson in Public Speaking and Keegan Thompson, Cole Jore and James Devers in Demonstration.

Star Awards & Outstanding FFA Awards – Front: Cody Kirkland, Josh Rockeman, Josh Rolfsrud, Karissa Monsen, McKayla Haugeberg and Sam Jorgenson. 2nd Row: Davis Zubke, Brandon Taylor, Tessa Dwyer, Keegan Thompson, Kalen Hartel and Taylor Dwyer. 3rd Row: Nate Egeberg, Saige Feilmeier, Cassidy Chapin, Allison Monsen and Madison Brown. Not pictured: Shania Rolla and Kari Berg.

Receiving an FFA jacket as part of the Blue Jackets Bright Futures program were Cody Kirkland, Alli Mogen, Karissa Monsen, Jade Hepper, Devyn Marquardt and Lea Arndt. Representing our chapter at the 212 Degree Conference were Keegan Thompson and Jayden Vaupel. Attending the 360 Degree Conference were Taylor Dwyer, Sam Jorgenson, Kalen Hartel, Nate Egeberg, Allison Monsen, Josh Rolfsrud, Josh Rockeman, Tessa Dwyer and Colter Maki.

The top young salesmen were Freshmen Korbin Knutston, Cody Cluchie, Jade Hepper, Karissa Monsen and Kye Bolken and Sophomores Shania Rolla and Nathan Price. Other top salesmen included Kari Berg, Fallon Maston, Maty Benth, Davis Zubke, Alex Hansen, Reese Frick, Brandon Taylor and Allison Monsen. Shania Rolla was the leading seller. The top senior salesman receiving a plaque was Fallon Maston. It included the fruit and meat sales for all four years.

The FFA Chapter would like to thank the community for once again showing such support to our FFA program this year and special appreciation is also given to the 1st Lutheran women of Keene for once again serving an excellent meal. Members are looking forward to their State Convention June 3-7.


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