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Jitterbugs Christian Preschool Ends First Year


Cuddlebug graduates wait to receive their diplomas during graduation Thursday, May 23. Back row L to R: McKenna Haralson, Jaxson Burger, Logan Churchill, Skylee Herman and Maverick Hunter. Middle row L to R: Olivia Klose, Emma McPherson, Connor Hastings, Stella Entzel and Rye Mathern. Front row L to R: Isaiah Riedle, Makenna Sparks, Olivia Schilling, Bailey Freebury, Micah Haralson and McKenna Tiesen. Not pictured is Campbell Trudell, who had already accepted her diploma.

After teaching Kindergarten in Sidney for 3 years, Michelle Sletvold realized that a good majority of the students were not quite ready to begin school. Although it took her about a year to find a location, Sletvold has started her own preschool to properly prepare children for Kindergarten. Many individuals have aided financially to this dream becoming a reality for Sletvold.

Her dream, which she calls The Jitterbugs Christian Preschool, operates in the lower level of the Church of the Nazarene. Sletvold, who has taught for 9 years, has one other main teacher, BobbiJo Hackman, who has worked as a paraprofessional in the special education room at Central School.

With the first year of operation under their belts, both teachers are very happy with how it went. So much so that they will be taking 60 students next year, compared to the 30 they had this year. During a normal school day, children get play time, social time, snack time, as well as calendar time, math activities, art and academic lessons. One of their main focuses is on social skills, such as walking in line, being respectful and taking turns.

Jitterbugs offers two separate classes, the 'Cuddlebugs' for ages three to four and a half and the 'Doodlebugs' for ages four and a half up to pre-kindergarten. Cuddlebugs meets Monday through Thursday from 8 to 11am, while the Doodlebugs meets Monday through Thursday from 12 to 3pm. Both groups follow the Sidney Public School's calendar days, which will begin September 4.

Pictured here this years Doodlebug graduates. Back row L to R: Brynn Hill, Evan Combie, Brooklyn Wunder, Aaron Filler, Talena Hambro. Middle row L to R: Teacher Michelle Sletvold, Abby O'Toole, Parker Wunder, Dace Riedle, Lexie Albright, Teacher Bobbi Jo Hackman. Front row L to R: Jhett Manuel, Ben Dietrich, Hazen Manuel, Wesley Lockner. Not pictured: Peyton Cayko.

This summer they will also offer playschool, preschool and entering kindergarten classes beginning June 17 and going until July 25. Summer classes will be more spread out, with playschool being held Monday and Wednesday from 8 to 11am, preschool Tuesday and Thursday from 8 to 11am and the entering kindergarten class Tuesday through Thursday from 12:30 to 3:30pm. The playschool group (Snugglebugs) will be for two and half year olds, with the Cuddlebugs and Doodlebugs the same ages as during the Fall. Snugglebugs do not have to be potty trained. The summer session will be aimed for introducing new ideas to the younger group and reviewing for the older groups.

Coming soon is a new playground as well as incorporating science and nature into the curriculum for more hands-on learning. Also coming this fall are many fun and exciting new additions.

Prices for summer will be $144 for snugglebugs and cuddlebugs and $250 for doodlebugs. Fall prices are $200 per month.

For more information please visit the website at http://www.jitterbugschristian or email to [email protected] To sign up you can call the preschool at 406-433-5887 or Michelle Sletvold at 701-260-8229.

Jitterbugs would like to personally thank all the supporters who are making this possible, especially those that gave the initial significant amounts as well as the Church of the Nazarene for providing the space for our classes.


Jitterbugs begins September 4th and follows the school calendar thereafter. Tuition for the students entering kindergarten (Summer Session) is $216.


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Jitterbugs12 writes:

Thanks Ashley!! :) Just a few clarifications. Jitterbugs begins September 4th and follows the school calendar thereafter. :) Tuition for the students entering kindergarten (Summer Session) is $216.


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