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'Slush Creek Walkers' Pass on Their Love to France


Flament spent a lot of time working with the horses at Slush Creek Walkers during her stay the summer of 2010.

In 1990, Mark Pacovsky bought his wife Shellie, a Tennessee Walking Horse. This was the beginning of a new adventure, as they quickly fell in love with her and continued to want more horses. The Pacovskys now own 40 Tennessee Walking Horses, including 4 stallions. The Pacovskys now operate as Slush Creek Walkers, breeding and raising Tennessee Walking Horses.

A Tennessee Walking Horse(TWH) is known for its ‘running walk’ and flashy movement. Originally used on plantations and farms in the southern U.S., TWHs are now a popular riding horse due to their calm disposition, smooth gaits (walk), and sure-footedness.

Commonly used as show horses, some TWHs are sored, which includes using chemicals and footpads to make them prance and appear more gallant. Shellie and Mark pride themselves on the fact that they raise their TWHs to be ‘sound’, or all natural.

In 2010, Slush Creek Walkers received a letter from the south of France, specifically Vieussac. The letter was from a university student, Dora Flament, who was looking for a ranch to do a 12-week internship at. After sending out 250 letters, Flament received word that the Pacovskys would be honored to host her and teach her all they could.

Flament, who was a student at Purpan School of Agriculture in Toulouse, France, at the time, was studying for her Masters Degree in Agricultural Engineering with an emphasis on large animal reproduction. Being a very strict university, part of the curriculum required international studies.

Shellie and Mark welcomed Flament into their home and taught her everything they know about TWHs and ranching. Slush Creek Walkers ranch is located near Bainville, MT and covers a vast 1800 acres. Not only do they raise horses, but they also farm and cattle ranch as well.

Although Flament was already interested in large animals, when she met the Slush Creek Walkers TWHs she fell in love. Flament was required to write an extensive paper on her internship experiences, which she wrote on the differences between sound and sored TWHs. Her love of the TWHs was quickly turned into a dream, a dream to own and breed TWHs in her homeland of France.

‘SCW French Delight’, was the first TWH born in France on April 7th, 2013.

Following her time with Slush Creek Walkers, Flament returned back to France with a new love and dream. In 2012, Flament once again contacted Slush Creek Walkers. This time she was ready to purchase a TWH. She decided on a certain mare, and before leaving for France ensured she was carrying a foal.

April 7th, 2013 the first TWH foal was born in France. Flament estimates there are only about 15 TWHs in her country.

Shellie Pacovsky of Slush Creek Walkers stated that “it was a great experience.” So much so, that the following year they once again hosted a student from the same university.

Shellie stated that she and Flament keep in touch regularly and Flament’s dream is still to breed TWHs. She graduated from Purpan in May and is continuing her studies in Switzerland until December.

Through the hospitality of the Pacovsky’s, they created a new love and dream for Flament.


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