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More Than 10 Tons of E-waste Collected at May Event


E-waste ready for bundling during Fairview’s annual city-wide cleanup event May 11.

Altogether, more than 10 Tons of electronic waste was recycled at the Spring 2013 “E-rase your E-waste” event held in Sidney and Fairview May 10 and 11. In their first year hosting an event, 30 Fairview residents and businesses brought in more than 3,000 lbs. of that total during that community’s annual city-wide cleanup event held Saturday morning, May 11.

According to organizers, 118 area residents, businesses, schools and government agencies recycled 20,778 pounds of e-waste at this year’s Spring “E-rase your E-waste” event in Sidney and Fairview. Organizers thanked area residents for participating and, in particular, extended their appreciation to the volunteers who help every year with the e-waste collection events.

“It went well,” Jackie Couture, chair of the local “E-rase your E-waste” Committee, said of this year’s first collection. “Our volunteers once again did an exceptional job in making sure everything ran smoothly for our new e-cycler, Yellowstone E-waste Solutions, out of Billings, MT, who also did a great job for us.” She also thanked the Richland County Solid Waste Department for its continued willingness to provide space for the e-cycling event in Sidney.

Included among the items collected in both communities were: 132 monitors, 127 CPUs, 25 laptops, 100 printers, 4 fax machines, 14 copiers and 106 television sets. A half dozen microwaves and more than 2 Tons of other, miscellaneous electronics (phones, gaming consoles, mice, keyboards, cameras, etc.) also contributed to the total.

“It was great to have Fairview participate this year,” Couture said, commenting on this latest recycling event. “Also, our new e-cycler, Yellowstone E-waste Solutions, did a great job for us, too, and the community once again came out to support this effort.”

That support has meant significant reductions in harmful chemicals and bulky plastics finding their way into the county’s local landfill. While stressing that the figures are only estimates based on typical computer and TV systems, Couture said the e-cycling event kept more than 1800 pounds of lead and 4800 pounds of plastic out of the local landfill as well as removing .19 pounds of mercury, a particularly hazardous chemical even in minute amounts.

“Now we’re looking forward to the same successful collaborations at our regular fall event in Sidney set for this coming September 6-7,” she added.


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