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By Tie Shank 

Flaring Energy


Founded in late 2008, Bismarck based company, Blaise Energy is working hard to evaluate, test and deploy new forms of distributed gas processing. In other words, they are taking the energy from flares and converting it at the flaring location into more usable forms of energy - whether that be converting it to electricity to deliver back into the electrical grid, running the well site operations, or capturing the NGLs and trucking them off the site.

Blaise Energy owner, Mark Wald, feels America is experiencing the great American Energy Reset. “America is going through an energy transformation, with a renewed focus on our own domestic energy – our own massive carbon resources. Now the challenge becomes how do we harvest those resources with new approaches that are smarter, more efficient, cleaner and with a more practical approach to emissions rather than just pipelines or shut the well in. It’s about getting more from the carbon resources that we have, while reducing flaring in the process. America is sitting on more BTU’s than most people realized a few years ago.”

According to the North Dakota Pipeline Authority, North Dakota continues to focus on building pipelines and gas plants, yet flaring has been holding steady for the last few months at 29%. In addition, approximately 45% of that 29% of gas being flared is being flared from wells already connected to pipelines. “This is because pipelines and gas plants are full, and as newer wells get connected to existing pipeline infrastructure, they come on at higher pressure and push the older wells back out to flare,” states Wald.

Blaise Energy was formed to create solutions to flaring, “That’s what we’re formed around and that’s what our mission is,” adds Wald.

The company is taking a market based solution to flaring where the oil operator is incentivized to try new solutions and methods of monetizing flares – the carrot vs. stick approach. Wald believes a market based solution to flaring, which helps monetize the gas at the flaring location will not only propagate the fastest, but will also provide the biggest win to all parties: the operator, mineral owner, state and environment.

We know that every well is different and the flaring rate continuously changes, however, did you know that on average, the flaring from a single well can supply and sustain approximately 40 homes with electricity. Blaise Energy is currently powering an entire gas plant in Divide County with energy from flares.

For more information, call Mark Wald at 855-225-2473 or visit Blaise Energy at


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