Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Richland County Extension and the Family Resource Center will be offering a new program: Grandparents Raising Grandchildren. This program will provide support and education for grandparents (and other relatives) who have taken the responsibility for raising their grandchildren.

In Montana, there is a growing population of grandparents who are called upon to be the part-time or primary caregivers to their grandchildren. Today, more than 6,600 grandparents in Montana are raising their grandchildren. Becoming a parent again can be an overwhelming and challenging task. Grandparents who act as caregivers face many challenges, such as financial burdens, emotional stress or isolation. They may also feel as though they cannot keep up with the child due to health concerns or simply because children are so active. They may feel out of touch with what is happening in today’s schools and with child care methods that have changed since they first were parents.

However, it can also be a rewarding and memorable time if resources and support are available. Grandparents who take on the responsibility of their grandchildren have an opportunity to develop a close relationship with their grandchildren. They have the opportunity to pass on their wisdom, stories and memories directly to their grandchild. By sharing this special experience, with its rewards and challenges, grandparents are able to benefit from each other. Support from other peers encourages grandparents to take care of their own physical and emotional needs.

The Grandparents Raising Grandchildren project acts as a support group for grandparents, and offers educational workshops on a variety of topics, such as stress reduction, discipline, child development and community resources. This program will not only be a great educational resource, but will also allow participants to network with other grandparents, and find respite from the daily challenges of parenting a second time around.

If you are interested in this program that will meet monthly, come join us for an informational meeting on September 11 at noon. The meeting will take place at Richland County Extension (1499 N Central Ave, Sidney) and we will provide snacks and beverages. Relatives other than grandparents are welcome to attend. To RSVP or for any other questions, call Extension Agent Ludmila at 406-433-1206 or email [email protected].


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