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Culbertson Farmer World Class Pianist


Gy Salvevold during a performance in Sidney.

Gy Salvevold is a farmer near Culbertson, MT. He lives and works there with his wife and three children and runs the family farm corporation with his father and brother. There is, however, more than meets the eye with this working family man. Gy Salvevold is also an international pianist. In fact, it is his passion and his talent is amazing. Gy has been recognized by many foundations in many venues around the world for his mastery of the traditional black and white instrument.

Gy Salvevold started his piano career when he was just three and continued throughout his young adult life to expand his abilities. He attended Montana State University in Bozeman where he appeared with the Bozeman Symphony regularly.

In 2009, Salvevold played at the Kosciuszko Foundation Auditorium in New York, NY for the Bradshaw & Buono International Piano Competition. He performed a classic “Waldstein” by Beethoven, among others. You can view this particular piece online on Just search Gy Salvevold and let the beauty of his talent envelope you. My daughters and I watched this together and I recommend surround sound speakers for the full effect. Salvevold received second place in the Amateur Adult category for this performance, a great honor.

In 2012 Salvevold again competed in the Bradshaw & Buono International Piano Competition, being held at Carnegie Hall that year. The judges awarded him first prize in amateur adult solo division. 2013 brought a new venue, Boston, Massachusetts. It is home to the Boston International Piano Competition where Gy competed in June.

With a severe decline in the learning and loving of classical instruments, Mr. Salvevold provides a younger generation with a reason to listen, play and maybe join the local school music program or start up a community band. Like Gy many parents can instill music and the love for it into their child by encouraging instrument playing. Learning an instrument has been proven to have a direct link to, and be particularly beneficial to, children’s educational capabilities. Music is how we humans learn, so encourage instrument playing with your kids and there could be several Gy Salvevolds in the making.

I was unable to speak directly with Salvevold as, like I stated before, he is a farmer. Harvest season currently has his attention, for a while yet anyway. Everyone, even an international pianist, needs a hobby!


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