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Mother Daughter Team Creates Inviting Interiors


The Richland County Courthouse was one of Gaffield & Wenzel’s biggest jobs. The project lasted a year and a half off and on.

Gaffield’s Painting was born 1996 when Sidney area native Kathy Gaffield decided it was time to move from painting friends’ & families’ homes and obtain her contractors license.

When Gaffield started painting as a hobby she found she had a knack for it. “I never thought I would do it professionally,” she stated. Now she has painted everything from bathrooms to kitchens and schools to courthouses.

In 2006 Gaffield’s daughter, Kim Wenzel took an interest in painting as well. She started her company, Kim’s Painting, and started working on projects of her own.

The mother/daughter duo has teamed up on many projects in the last six years. They have painted rooms in many area homes both prefabricated and stick-built. They have also collaborated on many commercial projects including the Busch Ag plant elevator, and many area schools including West Side Elementary, Fairview, Savage and Sidney High School.

One of their latest high profile jobs was the interior of the historic Richland County Courthouse in Sidney. The team’s dedication to perfection was one of the reasons they were chosen for the job. The courthouse project included a unique challenge to the painters. The plans for the remodel of the historic building called for them to use a type of paint they had never used. “We had never painted with epoxy before,” stated Gaffield. “So she ended up painting all of her kitchen cupboards with it,” finished Wenzel.

While having the correct tools and equipment is very important, sometimes people can become a challenge as well. Many times the painters’ years of experience with different colors and types of paint can help bring a space together. “Most people don’t know what they want,” said Wenzel. “We have had clients that would change their mind on a daily basis.” That is when the team can draw on their knowledge to make suggestions that can make everyone happy.

Kim Wenzel

Despite the duo’s experience and expertise, they have decided to keep their operation small and focused. They made the decision long ago to focus on interiors. “When you are inside you don’t have to be at the mercy of the weather,” said Gaffield.

The construction demands of the area haven’t made them forget what is important. They continue to enjoy what they do by not over booking themselves or taking on additional help. “When I tried to grow the company I ended up doing more administrating than actual painting,” said Gaffield. “I got into this business because I love to paint.”

Gaffield and Wenzel plan to keep on doing what they love for a long time to come. They look forward to whatever project comes along. Each one gives them a new and exciting learning experience. “We always learn something new on every job we do,” concluded Gaffield.


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