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Wheat Show to Feature "Best of the Best"


The 2014 National Hard Spring Wheat Show has taken on a different look with the incorporation of NDSU’s Best of the Best in addition to several other keynote speakers and the ever-popular Bread Fair for area 5th grade students.

The Best of the Best will offer some of the leading issues facing todays wheat growers. For example Dr. Fabian Menalled, Extension Crop Weed Specialist of Montana State University, will share the latest information on herbicide resistantKochia and other weeds, status and strategies for control. Another best topic “Latest of Fungicide and Diseases in Wheat” will be discussed by Andrew Friskop, NDSU Plant Pathologist. Shana Pederson, Area Extension Specialist and Joel Ranson, NDSU Extension Agronomist will close out the morning meeting with “Wheat After Corn, What Do I Need to Know?” and “Key to Better Durum Yields, What Did We Learn in 2013?”

Following the noon lunch sponsored by the Williams County Farmers Union several speakers will give four hands-on demonstrations on a rotational basis. These demonstrations will include in-field sensors, factors impacting emergence and early seedling growth, soil salinity and nitrogen additions.

The demonstrations will be followed by Frayne Olson who will present his market outlook for 2014. Frayne is the NDSU Crop Marketing Economist. A panel of growers and industry leaders will share their views regarding trends and preferences of the barley industry. Other topics for the afternoon include successfully adding soybeans as a rotational crop with wheat by Greg Endres, NDSU Area Extension Agronomist; and “Can Cadmium Levels in Durum be Managed” by Joyce Eckhoff who is a research agronomist at the Eastern Montana Agriculture Research Center of Sidney, Montana.

Also on the afternoon agenda are reports of the U.S. Durum Growers Association and Dustin Johnsrud, Area Director of the North Dakota Wheat Commission.

After an evening supper participants will hear Michael Baron, well known estate planning consultant and CEO of Great Plains Diversified Services. Michael will discuss “The Weight of Wealth: Is It Really Worth It?” He believes many people involved in agriculture and with oil revenues suddenly find increased valuation of their assets overwhelming. This situation causes confusion which often produces a confused person who fails to do anything, including planning. Michael intends to provide ideas for good planning that will provide stability for generations to come and remove the weight of wealth from the consciousness or sub-consciousness of those involved.

Michel will start the next day showing how LLPs and LLCs are tools which can be used. He will give a summary of when, where, why LLPs and LLCs are used to see if this is of any benefit to you.

Another keynote speaker for the Wheat Show is Elizabeth Hagen. She has wonderful presentations to help people to become more focused, get more done in less time, have more momentum, confidence and success. Elizabeth started a professional organizing speaking business in February 2000 in South Dakota. She is a certified professional organizer, and a past National Board Director for the National Association of Professional Organizers. Besides authoring several books she was the recipient of the 2010 Los Angeles Organizing Awards Best Organizer as Coach or Mentor Award.

A special treat for those attending the Recognition Luncheon will be Steve Stark, a well know performer and Illustrator. He will present an illustrated history of North Dakota Agriculture.

Completing the day will be John Nowatzki, NDSU Ag. Machine Specialist, who will talk about the use of “Remote Sensing Drones and Sensors- Will They Be Useful in Agriculture?” He will be followed by several industry representatives showing new technologies useful in crop production systems.

Also included in the Wheat Show is the popular Photo Contest that includes divisions for the novice and advanced photographer. The event will also feature a number of commercial exhibits along with the very popular Bread Fair which has given thousands of fifth grade students the opportunity to learn how to make bread and learn where their food comes from.

The three day event will take place in the Grand Williston Hotel Feb. 3-5, 2014. More information can be obtained from the NDSU Extension Service-Williams County by calling 701-577-4595.


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