Did You Know about the Richland County Nutrition Coalition?


The Richland County Nutrition Coalition was formed to educate the local community on healthy eating in a fun way. The coalition consists of representatives of the Richland County Health Department, Richland County Extension, Sidney Health Center and community members.

Since its formation, the Richland County Nutrition Coalition has organized a variety of fun and educational programs/activities, including snack drives, Tasty Fork (restaurant program), and school projects. More recently, the coalition was involved in the following projects:

• Zero Weight Gain Holiday Challenge – a bi-weekly newsletter to encourage healthy eating during the holidays

• Health Fair – cooking demonstration and educational booths

• Snack Drive for Boys and Girls Club – collaboration with local grocery stores to collect healthy snacks for children

• ServSafe – food safety training for local restaurant managers and food handlers

• Worksite Wellness – promotion of healthy eating and living ideas/activities at local worksites

The Richland County Nutrition Coalition works closely with the community to ensure that their needs are acknowledged and responded to. Community members are encouraged to join the coalition and/or provide feedback and ideas for future projects.  Call Ludmila Keller, FCS Extension Agent at 406-433-1206 or e-mail her at [email protected].  She is located at the Richland County Extension. Make plans now to attend the FREE Community Evening Conference on March 13th in Sidney from 5:30 – 8pm at St. Matthew’s Multi-purpose room to have a chance to voice your ideas on how to improve the county in the area of nutrition. Register at http://www.richland.org or call 433-2207 to save a seat at this event and enjoy a pasta buffet!    


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