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This new curriculum, titled Children in Between, is a co-parenting program for divorcing and separating parents. It gives both parents effective strategies to remain calm, make wise decisions, and help children with their adjustment during the parent’s separation or divorce. Children often are often placed in difficult situations between their parents, such as carrying messages from one parent to the other, hearing put-downs from one parent about the other, money problems, questions from one parent about the other, and long-distance parenting.

This interactive program is specifically developed to help separating and divorcing parents, in an online format. This allows for parents to take the class in the comfort of their own home, and allows the flexibility to complete the program in several steps to allow for plenty of time for each topic. This online course provides five streaming videos depicting common problems in divorce, with two solutions to each problem with tutorials and critiques after each solution. During each of these critiques, there are in-depth explanations of key communication skills such as “I” Messages, problem-solving, active listening, reframing, self-talk, and empathy. These topics come in quiz format, which helps reinforce the skills learned, as well as an online discussion forum to answer any questions that arise during the program. In addition to the online quiz, the program comes with divorce education booklets that can be downloaded, as well as references and links, including an option for ongoing e-mail prompts for skill practice. At the successful conclusion of the program, a certificate of completion is available to print.

This program was developed by Don Gordon, PhD., a child and family clinical psychologist for over 35 years. Additionally, this program is the only program that focuses on divorce that is listed on the National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices. While this program is normally $39.95, the Family Resource Center is happy to offer this program for free, thanks to a grant from the Foundation for Community Care. There are currently eight openings for participants, so call today to reserve your space!

For more information on this program, resources about separation, divorce, or other parenting programs, contact Nicole Hackley with the Family Resource Center at 406-433-4097.


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