Watford City Town Hall Meeting Will Address Underage Drinking

Your child’s brain is growing and changing during their teen years. Recent research has helped us understand that a person’s brain is not physiologically mature until a person’s mid-twenties. Alcohol and other drug exposure to a teenage brain may cause loss of memory and interfere with brain development – which can have permanent affects. -- http://www.parentslead.org

Parents, grandparents and others who have a significant influence in the lives of teenagers are urged to attend the McKenzie County Community Coalition’s Town Hall Meeting Addressing Underage Drinking. This meeting is set to begin with a 6 pm free lasagna supper followed by a 6:30 pm program at the Watford City Civic Center. Attendees of the meal are requested to pre-register their attendance by calling the McKenzie County Extension Office at 701-444-3451 or emailing [email protected].

Guest speaker Thomas Volk, Community Prevention Specialist with the ND Department of Human Services, will open the program with an overview of local data.

A panel discussion will follow. Speakers will include spokespersons from the McKenzie County Sheriff’s Department, Watford City Police Department, McKenzie County Healthcare Systems, McKenzie County Social Services, McKenzie County District Schools, McKenzie County Court System, McKenzie County Ministerial Association, a parent and a student.

Prevention strategies and how community members can become involved in prevention efforts will follow.

Door prizes of kindle fires and gift certificates to Six Shooters Show Hall will be awarded.

Educational and prevention materials will be distributed to all attendees.

For more information, please contact the McKenzie County Extension Office at 701-444-3451.


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