Piano Fundraiser For Mondak Heritage Center


We are raising funds for a new piano!

Live music at the MonDak Heritage Center has become an integral part of our programming. Our mission is to engage, educate, and inspire our community by preserving and contributing to the area's arts, culture, and heritage, and hosting live music performances has opened opportunities to meet all of these worthy goals.

Since beginning our live music series in 2007, we have increased the museum's visibility, and increased participation. We have also exposed patrons to musicians and musical styles not otherwise encountered in our area, like Tuvan throat singers from Mongolia, and Gaelic performers. The public has been very supportive of our efforts, and donors have stepped forward and the MonDak is now proud to have a wonderful stage, upgraded lighting and a state of the art sound system. Live music events are the fastest to sell out, and are cited by supporters as some of their favorite programs offered.

It is once again time for supportive donors to have an impact for good at the MonDak. When performing at the MonDak, musicians were utilizing an old upright piano that had once served classroom duty. It has become worn out and no longer holds tune, and several keys no longer work. The last piano tuner that came to work on it recommended replacement, and that has been several years ago.

So, we are selling off all 88 keys from our old broken, and worn out piano. White keys are $50, black keys are $75, and you'll be able to sign your name on any keys you buy. As the keys fill with names, we'll reach our goal amount!

For further information please contact Leann Pelvit at the MonDak Heritage Center, [email protected] or (406) 433-3500.


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