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By Tie Shank 

Van Hooks Arena Hosts Kerry Kuhn Horsemanship Clinic


(L-R) Randy Lander with his hafling horse, brothers Kory Kuhn and Kerry Kuhn from Kansas that run the horse clinic.

Van Hooks Arena hosted two sold out Kerry Kuhn Horsemanship Clinics, May 19 – 23 and May 24- 25.

Kerry Kuhn holds group clinics several times throughout the year at locations around the country.  In order to cover more topics as progress and interest allows, each clinic group is limited to 12 riders and their horses. The #1 goal in each clinic is to develop a positive, willing attitude in both horse and rider without worrying about making mistakes.  Riders will have an opportunity to learn new concepts and to see how others approach and resolve problems.

Born in Medicine Lodge, KS in 1975, Kuhn had an immediate love for horses. At the age of 12, Kuhn started his first two year old colt with the help of his grandfather, Dale Lukens.  Growing up, he spent many days working horses and gathering cattle for local ranches with his grandfather. His passion for horses and training started at a young age, motivating him to learn as much as he could about communicating with horses. In high school, Kuhn competed in rodeo as a calf, team and steer roper.  He also spent several years training young thoroughbreds at a local racetrack.   

Tandra Klein with her draft horse at the clinic.

Since the mid 90s, Kuhn has held horsemanship demonstrations and clinics all across the United States and Canada. His longtime dream of having a weekly TV series came true in January 2013 when his first episode of "Ridin' Horses with Kerry Kuhn" aired.

Kuhn comments on his website, "I have spent my whole life working with horses. As I look back on all the horses I have ridden since I was a kid, each one was a stepping stone for me. I'm sure I messed more of them up in the beginning then I helped, but they all helped me see more of what I was missing. This TV series is a wonderful tool for me to share what I have learned over the years, and help people see that horsemanship can be as easy as you let it be." 

If you missed out on either of these two clinics, you may still be in luck. Kuhn is offering his Horsemanship Clinic in Tioga, ND August 15-17. To register, call Jody Bergstrom (701) 216-0115.


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