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Anglers Reminded of Nongame Fish Regulations


The North Dakota Game and Fish Department reminds anglers and others taking carp and other nongame fish that a license is required, and hook-and-line, archery equipment and spears are the only legal methods of take. Snagging nongame fish is illegal.

In addition, enforcement chief Robert Timian said anglers must properly dispose of the fish. “Leaving dead fish on the shoreline or in the water is considered a littering violation,” Timian said. 

Game wardens and other law enforcement officers have the authority to cite persons for this violation, Timian said, with the minimum penalty a $100 littering violation and the maximum a Class B misdemeanor which can bring up to a $1,000 fine and possible loss of fishing and hunting privileges.

Other regulations included.

Legal archery equipment is any bow to which an arrow is attached by a line and equipped with a harpoon style point or wire-barbed point.

Legal spear equipment is any manually powered shaft with barbed points. The spear head shall not exceed 12 inches in width.

Use of night vision equipment or electronically enhanced light-gathering optics, including all lights used for locating and shooting at fish, is legal.

For more information, including open areas, refer to the 2014-16 North Dakota Fishing Guide.


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