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A Father's Impact is Great


As we celebrate Fathers and Father Figures, we would like to thank them for the gift that keeps on giving…being a positive role model for their children and the children in our community. The fact is, children with fathers or father figures that are active and positive in their lives, are more likely to be happy, healthy and live productive, substance abuse free lives.

These tips are some of the best things we can do for our children:

Respect your children’s mother, even if you are no longer together.

Spend as much time with your children as you can and show them they are the priority in your life.

Talk with your children on a regular basis, starting when they are young and continually throughout their childhood. Not just when they are in trouble. When you do have to talk to them about something serious, they will be comfortable with talking to you already.

Be clear with your rules and consequences and be consistent with your follow through. Expect and reward desirable behavior, but know that rules will be broken, and when they are, be calm and stick to your game plan.

Treating daughters with love and showing them they have value, dignity, and respect will guide them throughout life on how they should treat themselves and others. Teach your sons how to be a good man by how you treat others, including yourself, with honesty, integrity and responsibility.

Teach right from wrong and encourage your children to always strive to be their best.

Show your love for your children by being affectionate. This shows your children that they are wanted, accepted and loved.

Your job is never done. Your children will always learn from your example and will look towards you for advice and knowledge throughout life. Following these tips will make them comfortable and trusting to ask you anything.

Take a minute to thank the Father in your life and look at better ways you could help your children make good and healthy choices throughout their own lives. Set the example and show them the way. It is the best and most important gift you could give them. (KNOW!, 2014)

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