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Froid Field Day Set for June 26th


A slate of speakers on topics as varied as orange wheat blossom midge, cover crop mixes, and oilseed plant breeding for jet fuel highlight this year’s annual Froid Research Farm Field Day on Thursday afternoon, June 26th, beginning at 1 pm.

This year the event begins in Culbertson with a tour of the new United Grain Corporation’s (UGC) recently completed 1.4 million bushel capacity elevator. Field Day participants are asked to meet at the elevator located at 111 1st Ave SW in Culbertson at 1 pm. Following the UGC tour, activities will move to the Froid Research Farm for the remainder of the day. The farmsite is located 8 miles north of Culbertson on MT Highway 16. Everyone welcome!

Speakers and topics for this year’s event include:

• Russian olive removal and restoration: Success and costs - Erin Espeland, USDA-ARS Plant Ecologist

• Insect pathogenic fungi – A new management tool for wireworms? - Stefan Jaronski, USDA-ARS Insect Pathologist

• Orange Wheat Blossom Midge:

Looking at wheat midge trapping/surveys past and present in Northeastern Montana - Deb Waters, Biological Science Technician (Insects), ARS

MSU’s new wheat midge monitoring program in MT - Ann Ronning, Roosevelt Co. Extension

• Diversified cover crop mixes in 11 demonstration strips - Brett Allen, USDA-ARS Agronomist and Rob Bray, USDA-NRCS Roosevelt Co.

• Brassica carinata, camelina, and a cover crop mix as fallow replacements in 2-yr durum rotations - Brett Allen, USDA-ARS Agronomist

• Plant breeding and market development of Ethiopian mustard - Patrick Crampton, Agrisoma Biosciences

• Crop yields and soil properties after thirty years of tillage and cropping sequence - Upendra Sainju, USDA-ARS Soil Scientist

The day concludes with the annual free steak dinner at 5:00 pm sponsored by the Sheridan and Roosevelt County Conservation Districts. Other event sponsors include the Sheridan and Roosevelt County Extension offices, and the USDA-ARS Northern Plains Agricultural Research Laboratory (NPARL) in Sidney.

Pesticide points are pending. For more information, contact Beth Redlin at 406-433-9427, Ann Ronning at 406-787-5312 or Laurie Young at (406) 787-5232 Ext. 101.


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