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Baseline Water Sampling Program Opportunity for Rural Water Users


Richland County Conservation District is conducting a ground water sampling program. Rural water users concerned about the effects of energy development can have their water supply tested for contaminates specific to energy development activities. Through a grant from the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) and the assistance of the Montana Salinity Control Association (MSCA) we are able to offer this program. If you are concerned about chemical storage, production water disposal, frac water injections or waste management accidents at well-heads or injection pits, accidents and/or spills during chemical and production transportation or large withdrawals of ground water this program is geared for you. The purpose of the program is to establish a baseline of current conditions where water quality is potable or useable and identify wells that may have oil and gas impacts.

If you are interested in having your well sampled, contact the Richland County Conservation District at 406-433-2103x101 for an application. All wells will be prioritized and selected based on proximity to a potential source of contamination such as active or abandoned oil/gas wells, injection wells, waste management or chemical management areas. Landowner interest and cooperation and well accessibility will be part of the selection process. Selected wells must be registered with the Ground Water Information Center (GWIC). In most case, a well was assigned a GWIC number when the well driller filed the well drilling log and/ or through the DNRC water rights process. We can assist you in finding this number.

Each well selected for the program will be evaluated on-site for field parameters and water availability. Well samples will be analyzed for drinking water quality and for indicators of contamination specific to energy development activities. Well sampling and lab fees total approximately $1200.00 per well, the DNRC grant will cover most of the expense, so Richland County residents can participate in the sampling program for $100.00. A signed participation agreement is required from the well owner to be considered for participation.

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity to have your well sampled contact Julie @ the Richland County Conservation District 406-433-2103x101 or [email protected] for an application to begin the sign-up process.


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