Hunters Against Hunger Donate Big Game for Hungry Montanans


“A Montana law passed during the 2013 state session allows individuals to make a contribution that will help nonprofit groups process donated wild game for free distribution by Montana Food Bank Network to help feed people in need,” said Ron Aasheim, spokesman for Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks in Helena. The law came into effect when Montana State Senator Kendall Van Dyk sponsored SB123, which passed to become 87-1-293

Hunters who legally harvest big game during the hunting season can donate the meat to feed hungry Montanans. There will be no cost or processing fees for the donated meat! Only legally harvested or confiscated big game animals can be donated (deer, elk, antelope, moose and wild buffalo). No road kill can be donated. Simply deliver the big game to the nearest participating meat processor (listed below). The ground venison will then be distributed to Montanans in need through Montana Food Bank Network’s partner agencies.

If a hunter desires to retain part of the meat, the meat processor will take a photocopy of the carcass tag to remain with the donated meat. The original license stays with the hunter’s meat. The carcass tag or a copy of the carcass tag for each animal processed must be kept by the meat processor for inspection by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks.

To help with processing charges, anyone purchasing a Montana hunting license has the opportunity to make an on-the-spot donation to Hunters Against Hunger. A hunter who applies for or purchases a deer, antelope, elk, or wild buffalo license may donate $1 or more in addition to the price of each license. These contributions will help pay for butchering and distribution of the processed game.

Participation by meat processors and hunters is the key to success to feed hungry Montanans. We also would like to give a special thanks to our local partner agencies for their participation.

If you want to become more involved and would like more information about the Hunters Against Hunger program, contact Jeff Gutierrez at the Montana Food Bank Network, 406-721-3825 ext. 232.

Below is the current list of Montana meat processors that are working with the Montana Food Bank Network for Hunters Against Hunger: Belgrade: Budget Game, 4110 Thorpe Road Big Timber: Big Timber Meats, 209 E. 1st Avenue Big Timber: Pioneer Meats, Pioneer Trail Big Sandy: Big Sandy Meats, 56 McNamara Avenue Billings: 4th Ave Meat Market, 117 N. 25th Street Bozeman: Yellowstone Meat Processing, 74 Chestnut, Butte: Western Meat & Sausage Block, 800 Dewey Blvd. Glasgow: Treasure Trail Meat Processing, 1064 Highway 2 W. Great Falls: House of Meats, 1201 10th Ave N. Helena: Tizer Meats, 3558 Tizer Road Lolo: Lolo Locker, 6220 Caras Lane Manhattan: Amsterdam Meat Shop, 6680 Amsterdam Road Plains: Clark Fork Custom Meats, 15 Molly’s Lane Superior: Superior Meats, 4212 Mullan Road E. Trout Creek: Pat’s Wild Game, 605 Montana Hwy 200 Meat processors who wish to participate in the Hunters against Hunger program need to contact the Montana Food Bank Network for an MOU at (406) 721-3825 ext. 232.

For more information, please visit or call (406) 721-3825.


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