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Sojourn/Earth/Sidney, Closing Reception Nov. 1


The MonDak Heritage Center welcomes back Lora Groves, a San Francisco Bay Area artist with a special clsoing reception on Saturday, November 1, 2014 at 2pm. Sojourn/Earth/Sidney, the show's title, refers to ways this work has traveled, continues to travel.

Groves, born in the Midwest, raised in Hawaii, schooled "Everywhere, Daily". worked with horses, and spent many hours on trails in the back country on the island of Oahu, before moving to California, adding up to a serious passion for both the outdoors and for silent communication. "In my mind we are all spongy creatures that soak up experience. -And silent communication doesn't mean things don't have rhythm. Artists are just some of the ones whose job is to make stuff in order to share that experience, and to figure out when that rhythm changes how to respond."

While in college, Groves decided she needed a change from sports medicine and physical therapy to "I don't know what I can do, but has to be something to do with artwork..." This change took place while tramping around Europe with a friend at the age of 21. She wandered from Photography and Design, to sculpture, to painting. Drawing was really hard, Groves stated, so she spent years and years working on it. It is still the daily practice that informs the paintings. The human form was her main subject at first, which makes sense since she'd been studying anatomy and kinesiology.

This show is the most recent ongoing result of a large circle of friendship and caring for earth, for neighbors, and for saying what has been collected by experience over time.

Lora will be joining the MonDak Heritage Center 120 3rd Ave SE, Sidney MT on November 1st for the closing of Sojourn/Earth/Sidney from 2 - 4pm. Please plan to attend the last day of this wonderful show, visit with Lora and her husband Ken. You can visit Lora's website at for a more information.


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