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Why Don't We Get Up and MOVE?


SHC Physical Therapy Staff Pictured Back: Physical Therapists - Nicole Keysor, Viola Anderson, Kirby Halvorson (Manager) and Sheila Cottrell, COTA; Front: Amanda Piatte, Physical Therapist, Brittney Rogers, Rehab Aid, and Lisa Christensen, Speech Therapist. Not Pictured: Jace Everett, Physical Therapist and Vince McGlothlin, Occupational Therapist.

That is a great question. We all have excuses for everything, especially to get up and do something: "My knee hurts", "I had a rough day", I'm just not feeling up to it today", "I'm lazy", "I do it every –other time, so I'll do it next time".

It's not too late to make a difference. Putting it into another perspective, it's similar to saving money. Yes we all know we should have invested better in the past, not spent money on certain things and saved better. It's not too late to start changing your spending habits. You know you would have more money and a better life if you made better choices earlier with your money, but you have to start somewhere or you won't have anything and find yourself in a lot of trouble. Your health is much the same. You have to start somewhere, why not start right today, right now.

Do you feel a little thirsty? Do you need that piece of paper? Have you been sitting down for longer than 30 min? Now is the time to get up and go get it yourself, start simple. Studies have suggested that prolonged sitting can be unhealthy. Movement can help prevent obesity, which may be linked to at least 18% of US adult deaths. Just walking a little bit each day can help reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. To maintain a healthy balance system, movement is vital. This is especially true to the aging adult as falls often lead to significant, costly injuries.

Active vs Passive Care

Benefits of Physical Therapy- These movement specialists are experts in improving mobility and motion, especially since pain-free (or minimal pain) is crucial to your quality of life, your ability to earn a living, your ability to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, and much more. Physical therapists help avoid surgery and prescription drugs, some of those with the not so fun, "minor" side-effects. More research has suggested that treatment by a physical therapist is often an equally effective and cheaper alternative to surgery and prescription drugs for many conditions which include but not limited to back pain, meniscus tears, knee osteoarthritis, and degenerative disk disease-which is a normal process of aging.

Did you know?

Laws vary state to state and insurance plans differ, however anyone in the U.S. can arrange a screening by a physical therapist without a physician's referral. Many people have begun to seek yearly physical therapy check-ups and boosters to minimize risks of injury or falls and to improve their quality of daily life.

Decisions you make now can affect you the rest of your life. Your quality of life depends on you and the decisions you make now. Grab a buddy to hold each other accountable and make a change today! Start small and build your way to success.


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