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The Billings Gazette reported Wednesday that the Federal Government has decided to try and balance the budget by reducing payments to counties that contain Federal Lands. See “Montana counties take $20 million hit in spending bill” by Tom Lutey.

Areas of our state that once had thriving economies and strong communities have been decimated by the mismanagement of these lands and prohibition on the use of those natural resources. Just as disappointing is the failure of the Federal Government to fulfill the obligation to our rural schools and provide the funding that those districts would otherwise be able to generate themselves, IF they were able to tax those same lands and or manage them locally in a responsible manner. The Gazette reported in Lincoln County alone approximately $4 million a year could be lost due to the Secure Rural Schools program being left out of the spending bill.

This is part of the larger problem that leaves the local communities subject to the whim of the federal government and the special interests that seem to control the use of the land. Over the past twenty years the federal lands located within Montana have been underutilized and access has been dramatically reduced. Wildfires have compromised air quality and water quality. Wildlife and valuable habitat have been destroyed; some so severe it will be years before any vegetation or animals return. Private property has been damaged or completely lost. Businesses have closed down and vital infrastructure necessary to the timber industry has simply moved out.

It is time we have a discussion about who best can manage these lands – Montanans or Non-Resident Landowners 2500 miles away. Maybe the transfer of federal lands isn’t the answer, however if it is not, surely our citizens deserve a larger say in the fashion that these lands are managed.


Reader Comments

montananext writes:

Let's be very clear about this. This change was inserted into the omnibus spending bill by the republicans in the House of Representatives and kept there at their insistence. It was not the obscure federal government who did this - it was the republicans in Congress. Thank you Congressman Daines!


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