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Fairview, Lambert & Rau D.A.R.E. Graduations


Pictured with officer Rosaaen, graduates of the 2015 Lambert D.A.R.E. class are back, L to R, Amber Pflughoft, Grady Gonsioroski, Brett Mullin, Blaine Frisbie, Paige Carda, Ella Arlint and Morgan Mindt. Front row, L to R, Colby Williams, Montana Westbrook, Trace Krenning, Jaylyn Klempel, Trace Hay and Joe Burner.

On Monday May 18th, Fairview fifth graders graduated from the D.A.R.E. program.

Lambert 5th and 6th grade students graduated from the D.A.R.E. program last Wednesday, May 20.

Graduation for fifth grade Rau Students was Wednesday, May 13th.

Officer Travis Rosaaen, who has taught the program for seven years, explained how the program has grown to include bullying as well as drugs and alcohol and that his role is to prepare the students to make the hard choices on smoking, alcohol and bullying.

The students are required to attend class and then write an essay telling what they have learned. After the presentations, Officer Roselles and K-9 Xero provided an interesting program.

Pictured from left to right, Fairview D.A.R.E. Class Front Row: Logan Adams, Megan Asbeck, Caleb Baxter, Casey Conlin, Ethan Courtney, Jade Emly, Shaniya Harris, and Scout Hopes. Middle row: Piper Hurley, Lauren Kjos, Vilate Knapp, John Morley, Jayden Radasa, Hayley Rainey, Riley Rhodes, and Cody Scarpholt. Back row: D.A.R.E. officer LT Travis Rosaaen, Avery Seadeek, Lacie Selting, Tristin Skov, Jack Smies, Makayla Smith, Kanyon Taylor, and Jace Turcotte. Not pictured: Teigan Taylor.


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