Donated Produce Will Help Local Residents During Harvest For Seniors

As the weather warms and the growing season is underway, Harvest for Seniors will soon begin accepting surplus garden produce from the community. Harvest for Seniors is a program run by the Senior Coalition and was started three years ago as a way to help seniors off-set the cost of living. Donated produce is divided among seniors who sign up for the program; fresh produce can be expensive and it is an innovative way to supply fresh fruits and vegetables for a few months.

From mid-August into October there will be a table in the entrance of the Richland County Health Department were people can drop off their donations; from that point the produce is divvied up based on the number of people in the household and is delivered to them within 24 hours.

Last year the Senior Coalition delivered approximately 1,100 servings of vegetables to thirty recipients in Fairview, Sidney and Savage. There were hundreds of pounds of potatoes donated from a local spud fest and IGA donated surplus bread.

Seniors benefitting from the program do not choose the produce they receive and last year there were some recipes included, giving people some new ideas for their dinner tables.

“It’s been a successful program and people can directly benefit seniors in the area,” said Jodi Berry, Director of the Richland County Commission on Aging. “Many of them used to garden and no longer can so I think they really appreciate the fresh produce.”

For more information on donating or becoming a recipient of Harvest for Seniors, contact the Senior Coalition at 406-433-3701.


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