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Hefty Seed – Helping Producers Not Just Survive, But Thrive


Paul Gebhardt & Chet Hill

Hefty Seed Company was founded north of Sioux Falls, SD by Ron Hefty in 1969 as Hefty Farm Supply. As time went on, seed sales became a major focus for Ron, and led to the only name change in the company history. Hefty Farm Supply became Hefty Seed Company in 1984 and has grown through the years to having over twenty-five facilities in SD, ND, MN, IA, MO, MT, ID, NE, and WA.

Hefty Seed has continued to expand to where the company assists the producers in corn and soybean seed, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides.  They are very competitive in their chemical prices to the producers and through their pre-pare program held in November and December, the producer is able to lock in much lower chemical prices.  They also have a fall price program to price glyphosate at very competitive prices for the fall and coming year.

The Hefty family thrives on providing the producer with the management tools to make decisions that will provide the best returns based on their farming practices. Hefty CEO, Brian Hefty said, "We farm, too, and we know it's difficult to make it on the farm. We're always trying to figure out ways to help you earn more money so you cannot just survive, but thrive. It's our sincere goal for you to not only produce the safest and most abundant food supply in the world, we'd also like to see you get rich doing it."

Hefty opened a facility south of Sidney, MT. approximately five years ago. This facility carries mainly the chemical side of the operation.  Agronomist Chet Hill states, "We can order in crop seed, alfalfa seed, and fertilizer but don't carry it in stock because of smallness of the storage facility." He later adds, "I provide general agronomic information on several crops, crop rotations to herbicide recommendations based on their farm management practices.

Hefty will be holding their Field Day event on July 30th in Baltic, SD at the Hefty Seed headquarters. If you have any questions or would like information about attending the event, call 406-488-4338.


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