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For Taylor Searer, 4-H Involvement Will Be A Life-Long Interest


Taylor Searer, a 2015 graduate of Sidney High School, is in his eleventh year of 4-H and his fourth year as an Ambassador, or representative of the 4-H program in Richland County. He is entering hogs, steers, and goats to be judged at his final Richland County Fair 4-H judging and showing.

Searer will be showing one of his two steers, which he began working with over the 2014-2015 winter and one of his three hogs that he got in February of this year. Wednesday August 5th from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm livestock exhibits will be entered and market beef will weigh in and from 3:00 pm until 4:00 pm hogs, sheep, and goats will weigh in. Beginning at 8:30 am on Thursday August 6th swine, sheep, dairy and breeding beef, and goats will be judged and market beef will be judged at 5:00 pm. Friday August 7th 4-H Junior and Senior showmanship will start at 8:00 am and the 4-H livestock sale will be held at 5:00 pm in the 4-H arena. Two percent of all sales will go to the 4-H program and the rest of the money is profit for the 4-H member, after deducting the cost of expenses.

Searer explains the responsibility and work that goes into raising and showing animals including proper feeding to get the animal to the ideal weight for their frame, or ‘finishing’, making sure they have access to clean water, cool conditions particularly for the hogs, and working with them for showmanship purposes. He also talks about knowing his limitations, determining how many animals he could care for without overwhelming himself. But, 4-H isn’t just about raising and showing livestock. Searer also has painting, drawing, and woodworking projects, what are considered indoor projects that are being entered in the fair; 4-H requires members to have at least one indoor project entered in addition to any livestock entries and with countless projects for all interests, there is certainly something for everyone.

As a Richland County Ambassador, Searer has attended Fall Training which is only for 4-H Ambassadors, where they learn leadership skills, Rec Lab, and Congress.

“I find that 4-H is fun and enjoyable. Being an Ambassador I’ve gotten to meet a lot of people throughout the state,” said Searer and adds, “The friends that I’ve made in 4-H are lifelong friends.”

Though this will be Searer’s last year entering 4-H projects in the Richland County Fair, he plans on volunteering and being available to help out when he can.

“4-H doesn’t just end; you can always be involved. My dad has been involved in 4-H his whole life pretty much and he got his kids involved and when I have kids they will be involved too. All the work pays off in the end,” he noted.


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