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Tips and Tricks to Stay Hydrated


As fall quickly approaches, it is important to remember that hydration is a key part of every day, not just hot summer months. The Richland County Nutrition Coalition wants to take a quick look at why water is important and offer tips on how to drink more of it.

Without a stable flow of water, the human body is not efficient in the removal of waste and toxins, and is unable to properly lubricate joints. Severe dehydration can cause strain on the heart, causing it to pump faster to get sufficient oxygen to muscles. Water is not only essential to the body to help with internal cooling and normal cell repair, but it can also help prevent memory loss as you age and lessen addictive urges such as caffeine and alcohol.

With figures as staggering as 75% of Americans showing signs of chronic dehydration, and no ‘magic’ number for the amount of water you should consume every day; here are tips to help you stay hydrated easily and signs that you may need to up your water intake:

1-Headaches: The brain is surrounded by water, and loss of that protective layer may cause headaches, sometimes severe. Instead of reaching for an over-the-counter fix, try an electrolyte intense drink and minimize physical activity until the headache subsides.

2-Muscle Cramps: Cramping in large muscle groups, usually during sweaty warmer months, can be caused by loss of body fluid and low sodium levels. Place a teaspoon of large grain sea salt into a 8 oz. glass of water to alleviate symptoms.

3-Chapped Lips: Lips are made up of the thinnest layers of skin, and are prone to drying and cracking when dehydration sets in. Apply honey as a natural remedy and mix it into warm water to rehydrate.

4-Cravings: Often cravings to satisfy a sweet tooth can be a symptom of dehydration. Dehydration can cause an inability for the liver to work properly, resulting in nutrient deficiencies that cause cravings. Reach for water-rich fruits like grapefruit, cantaloupe and peaches to ward off cravings.

5-Thirst: While thirst seems like an obvious symptom of dehydration, many people overlook it and consume coffee, soda or sugary drinks in place of water. Always keep water nearby and make a habit of reaching for water over other types of liquids when dealing with thirst.

Dehydration can cause an assortment of uncomfortable and often painful symptoms. Keep track of how much water you consume and always pay attention to what your body is telling you. For more information on tips and tricks to stay hydrated all year long follow the Richland County Nutrition Coalition on Facebook at or Pinterest at


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