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Richland Co. Comes Together Needs Volunteers


As Red Ribbon Week approaches, October 23rd through the 31st, details come together for the Richland County Comes Together event Tuesday, October 27th.

Red Ribbon Fun Days for students and businesses are: Monday- Spider Web Day… Don’t get caught in the web of addiction. Tuesday- Kat Day… Don’t be katty, drugs make you batty! Wednesday- Red Tie Day… Don’t get tied up in drugs! Thursday- Mustache Day… I must-ache you not to use drugs. Friday- Pajama Day… Don’t be sleepy, drugs are creepy!

The Richland County Schools Assembly will be held at the Sidney High School Tuesday the 27th, with special guest speakers Dr. Gary Dale, former State of Montana Medical Examiner and singer, song writer Kat Perkins from “The Voice” presenting “Dream It, Do It” and singing her hit song ‘Fearless’. A growing interest in attending this assembly has come from schools outside of Richland County including Roosevelt County, and the committee has decided that in addition to the 1,000 6th- 12th grade Richland County Students that will be there, another 500-750 students can attend. Any schools interested need to contact Vicky Parker at 406-433-2330 or Checkers at 406-488-5800 to make arrangements.

A free community meal will be served in the High School cafeteria beginning at 4:30pm. After that, Dr. Dale will address the community and Perkins will perform a 75 minute concert in the High School gymnasium. The goal of the committee is to provide a free concert.

Donations can be made by texting the word DRUG to 41444 and a message will be sent with a link to complete the donation. Click the link and complete your gift through the secure credit card process. Mailed donations can be sent to Foundation for Community Care, 221 2nd St NW, Sidney, MT, 59270 or Checkers at 223 N Central Ave (P.O. Box 899), Sidney, MT, 59270 with Red Ribbon Week written in the memo space. All donations must be made payable to the Foundation for Community Care and are completely 501c3 tax-deductible and donors will receive a thank you as well as a year-end statement from the Foundation for Community Care.

“Just think if 7000 people in this Richland County community and even other communities that want to come, would give $5 to the Text to Give campaign that the Foundation for Community Care has available, our goal would automatically be met without asking for major sponsors!” said Janette McCollum, owner of Checkers and committee member. “Our goal is to make this event completely FREE to everyone in our community.”

Volunteers are also needed to make this exciting event a reality. Volunteers are needed to set up and take down chairs in the gym, stand at the doors during the entrance and exit of the assembly and evening’s events, hand out information about treatment centers in Montana and North Dakota and other prevention resources, help with general cleanup during the community feed, and serve as ushers. Anyone interested in helping out can contact RSVP at 406-433-2207.

“Normally Red Ribbon week reaches out to students only across our nation, however, since the 2015 Quest Diagnostics study reported that drug use in the workplace had gone from 4.9% to 9.3% in one year, Checkers and several Richland County organizations, have partnered up to rally the community to take a stand against drug use through the National Red Ribbon Week October 23-31st. This was the perfect opportunity for us to do something local. It is important that we not only reach students in this community, but to also reach every parent, grandparent, business owner, and every community member to understand about the dangers of drug use,” said McCollum.


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