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R-CALF USA may be defined as a non-profit producer organization, but our work benefits anyone who eats meat and lives in an economy that includes agriculture. We’re more than a producer organization; we’re your organization.

Top 10 reasons independent U.S. cattle producers support the mandatory COOL law. 1. COOL Creates Marketplace Competition: Without COOL, packers unilaterally decide when to source U.S. cattle and when to source foreign cattle. With COOL, consumer buying preferences tell packers when they must source U.S. cattle to satisfy the growing demand for USA beef. 2. COOL Empowers Consumers to Decide Whether Foreign Food Safety Standards Are Good Enough. The U.S. no longer requires food safety systems in foreign packing plants to be at least equal to the U.S. and it no longer conducts monthly inspections of foreign packing plants. The U.S. only requires foreign safety systems to be equivalent and inspections to be conducted periodically. 3. COOL Ensures U.S. Producers a More Competitive Allocation of Beef Profits. Without COOL, packers exploit the generic nature of cattle. With COOL, profits from USA beef are allocated directly to U.S. cattle producers. 4. COOL Provides Consumers with Marketplace Choices. COOL distinguishes U.S.-produced beef from foreign beef. 5. COOL Empowers Consumers to be Patriotic. Only with COOL can consumers direct their food dollars to support U.S. farmers and ranchers by purchasing beef that is exclusively born, raised and slaughtered in the United States. 6. COOL Helps Reduce the Mounting Trade Deficit with Canada & Mexico. While it is true that Canada and Mexico are the 2nd and 3rd largest export markets for U.S. beef, respectively, it also is true that the U.S. imports far more beef and cattle from Canada and Mexico than it exports to them. 7. COOL Eliminates Consumer Deception. United States’ law requires all beef produced in both foreign and domestic packing plants to be labeled with a U.S. inspection sticker if the plants are certified to sell beef in the U.S. market. This prominent U.S. inspection sticker misleads consumers into believing the product is of U.S. origin. Only with COOL can consumers ascertain the true country-of-origin of their beef purchases. 8. COOL Empowers Consumers to Respond Immediately to Emerging Diseases. With COOL, consumers can immediately identify beef products originating from a country affected by a disease and choose to avoid them. 9. COOL Helps Confine the Market Impacts of a Disease Outbreak. With COOL, a disease outbreak in a foreign country could be confined to only products imported from that country and consumers could continue purchasing beef produced in the U.S. or another unaffected country. 10. COOL Helps to Stop Packers from Breaking the U.S. Cattle Market. With COOL, consumer demand for USA beef can only be satisfied with U.S. cattle and this will prevent packers from substituting foreign cattle for domestic cattle to satisfy that demand.

R-CALF USA, is funded solely by donations and membership dues. Please consider becoming a member or giving a donation. For more info or to join, go to, 406-252-2516.


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