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Governor Steve Bullock Writes Proclomation Letter Regarding Richland County Red Ribbon Week Event


Dear Friends,

I am pleased to recognize Oct. 23-31 as “Red Ribbon Week” in the state of Montana.

I want to commend Checkers Inc., the Red Ribbon Committee, the Foundation for Community Care, and most importantly, the Communities of Sidney and Richland County for your advocacy in promoting effective leadership towards a drug free Montana. Drugs strain the resources of communities, hospitals and local police departments. They tear apart families and ravage the bonds that tie communities together. As we have seen in Montana, drugs and drug related problems are seeping into our communities and I welcome your efforts to combat this growing sickness.

Red Ribbon Week helps to raise awareness of drug related problems and educates communities about drug prevention methods. Promoting healthy choices and alternatives to drug abuse helps lower school dropout rates, incidents of crime, the spread of diseases and healthcare costs. However, the greatest benefit to our communities across Montana is the mental wellness our citizens regain when they are no longer addicted to or abusing drugs. Your efforts and the efforts of other leaders across Montana are helping to turn the tide against this epidemic and revitalizing our communities from east to west.

I would like to thank all the organizers, participants, and speakers for their hard work and dedication to put on this week’s events and I encourage all Montanans to acknowledge October 23-31 as “Red Ribbon Week.”


Steve Bullock



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