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The New High Plains Veterinary Clinic


A dog, Clay, is getting his eyes examined by veterinarians Sally Nelson and Nikki Piper.

On Thursday, July 9, High Plains Veterinary Clinic in Sidney, MT began moving into their brand new facility and were ready to go by July 11. The brand new development, owned by Dr. J.J. Hovde and Dr. Gary Shieber, has all new supplies, technology, and services available geared towards household pets and specializing in horses and large cattle.

Horse care stalls.

The old development, though very spacious, had only one surgery room and one exam room. The new facility has a brand new surgery room with two tables, which enable veterinarians to conduct two small animal surgeries at a time. It also has an x-ray room to help doctors examine household pets and small animals, and a lab to run blood chemstries and blood tests. Along with the care of pets, the clinic also has kennels and carriers for over-night recoveries. High Plains can see up to 25-35 household pets per day. "High Plains Veterinary Clinic's practice has grown 3 times in the past 10 years.", said Jody Bieri, who has been a technician with the private company for 39 years. He also said, "Our goal here at High Plains, is to make sure that we are bringing people the highest quality veterinary services available. We expanded our clinic to provide that care and to better serve the public."

When it comes to horses and cattle, the facility has made sure to provide the best care possible. They have a large animal pharmacy with necessary medications, vaccines and supplements. High Plains also has recovery stalls in which horses and cattle can recover after surgery, as well as a cleaning, care and feeding area.

For the keep and care for cattle, animals are still being held at the old High Plains facility, but brand new corrals at the new building are expected to be up and running by the end of December.


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