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Begger's Diamond V Ranch


The Beggar clan is shown here: Back row left to right are Bill, Bob, little Charlotte, John and Harry. Front row left to right are Darlene, Virginia, Alicia, little Magdalene, and Elaine.

Wibaux, MT is home to Begger's Diamond V Ranch, where they have fundamental principles of cattle production and their branded cows have marginal room for error. This year will be Begger's 40th Annual Bull Sale and they look forward to selling their top quality Simmental and Angus breeds.

Begger's Diamond V is working to own top genetics that produce pounds on sale day. They believe that their clients' success is their success, and are always finding a way to improve their consistent black and solid colored Simmental calves. Ever since Bill Begger, owner of Begger's Diamond V, graduated from Al School, he has worked constantly on breeding a solid colored and black Simmental. "I was approached by a couple who were very established Simmental breeders who asked me, 'What the hell was I doing? What was I thinking?' I was not to be swayed. This is what I told them, 'We are filling a market need. There are serious cowmen out there that would not use the colored Simmental but they were using the solid colored ones and were paying a premium for the black ones.' I went on to tell them we were going to focus on the black Simmental, and we would leave the multicolored cattle breeding up to them.". Begger also wants to state that his cattle is no fad; the future of their breed will revolve around solid colored and more acceptable, predictable cattle.

Beggar's Diamond V's focus and goals, however, have not wavered. Their main focus is the commercial cattle producer. Before any part of the industry is considered, their cattle must work for their clients. Begger's cattle need to calve easy, be vigorous at birth, and they need produce a bonus of weaning weight and value on sale day. "Our cattle need to be efficient feed converters that do it in any environment, " says Begger. "We want them to be able to convert grass to pay weight on just grass and mother's milk". When it comes to replacement females, they likewise need to be quiet mannered, moderate sized, deep bodied cattle that are easy fleshing and fertile. Their females are expected to calve easy, raise a useful calf that has eye appeal, is uniform with its herd mates and has the genetic value to be in demand by the feeder, packer and the consumer.

Begger's cows are bred to add value to their clients' genetics, and their cattle will compliment any British bred program. Begger's is committed to only sell the best shows, each and every cow should add value to potential herds. Their bulls produce black hided, polled and solid patterned cattle, and will add uniformity and predictability to cattle that will work for everybody involved; from cow calf man, feeder, packer and even the consumer.

With 40 years in the business, Begger's knows that top quality cattle are more valuable than an average animal and they are still working hard to produce a better product for everyone involved in the industry. Satisfied customers are their top priority and they invite you to their sale day on February 3rd with steak sandwiches and refreshments available. Visit Begger's Diamond V Ranch or call them at 406-796-2326.


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