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Regency Acres will Market About 90 Bulls and 40 Heifers at the Sidney Livestock Sale April 1st


Regency Acres, located eight miles southeast of Lambert, MT, will be marketing approximately 90 bulls and 40 heifers at the Sidney Livestock Sale, Friday April 1st beginning at 1:00pm. Regency Acres is owned and operated by Russ and Jill Thiessen along with their daughter Téa and son Tyler. Thiessen's family has been in the cattle business since moving to the area in the 1890s; Russ Thiessen's grandfather established the registered herd in 1957. Formerly the Thiessen Angus Ranch, it was changed to Regency Acres in 1981 and has grown to a herd of 230 mother cows.

"Regency Acres uses a very intense culling process based on multiple traits including disposition, udder and structural soundness, phenotype, carcass traits, calving ease and performance to try to offer a product that is labor free and productive," said Russ Thiessen, adding that the intelligence and disposition of a cow is extremely important and the result of a no-nonsense program. "The cow herd is run no different than any commercial operation where the cattle are required to work for their food, calve on their own, and raise a calf that performs and passes all the tests."

The cattle are summered on pastures and the calves are weaned off in October and put in a feedlot until sale day. All calves are carcass ultra-sounded and fertility tested prior to selling; yearling heifers are synchronized and AIed, and the rest of the cow herd is AIed for one cycle before the bulls are turned out with them. For more information, call 406-774-3702 or 406-480-5988.


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