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Tibbetts Agland Named Top Grower with More Than 313 Acres


Tibbetts Agland was recognized as the top grower with more than 313 acres during the Top Ten Beet Growers meeting. Their Sugar percentage was 19.27 with 37.34 tons per acre and a 34.21 rating. Brothers Cody, Brock, and Todd Tibbetts grew up farming and ranching and six years ago they began growing sugar beets as Roundup Ready Beets made the crop much less management intensive. This made it possible to grow sugar beets in addition to growing feed crops and raising cattle.

The family farm, located between Terry and Intake and totaling 472 acres, has been in the Top Ten before, but has never been the top grower prior to 2016.

“We are fortunate to have fresh beet ground and our focus is on maintaining soil quality, because that’s really the basis of it all,” said Cody Tibbetts. “This year we did more foliar feeding of micronutrients throughout the growing season.”

Tibbetts Agland is a family operation and they recognize that it takes a team of people to cultivate success. Considering that it has been a very good year for beet growers, the Tibbetts are all the more honored to be named Top Grower.

“Everyone and everything comes together to make it work,” said Brock Tibbetts. “We want to thank Sidney Sugars, especially Todd Erickson. They’ve been great to work with.”


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