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Door 204: Watford City's Newest Coffee Shop

Door 204 will be holding a Grand Opening Jan. 30 at 204 N. Main in Watford City.


The new Door 204 coffee bar.

In Watford City, ND, citizens can find a brand new, local coffee shop owned by Beth Veeder, who also owns Meyers Department Store right next door. Door 204 is a comfy, yet contemporary designed coffee shop that is also a private postal service and art gallery. Watford City is a close-knit community, and Beth Veeder wanted to bring something new, different and special to the community.

Beth Veeder has managed Meyers Department Store since September of 2011, offering Watford high quality clothing, accessories and design. The building next door went up for sale and she knew she had to make the purchase. As soon as the purchase was made, they started training right away in the postal service because they knew it was something they would want to keep. Not to mention, the post office boxes create a great appeal to the shop alone.

Veeder finally got the idea for a coffee shop because she felt that it was necessary. "I wanted to create a destination place for the community; a sit-down, urban feel where citizens could come hang out and enjoy some great coffee," said Beth. Veeder and her daughter, Lindsay Wingerter and other employees, were trained by Kathy "Jess" James, who owns a coffee shop in Alexander, ND.

The Door 204 Coffee shop won't be just a place to grab your favorite drink and your mail, but also an art gallery as well. When Beth Veeder first started the process of opening the shop, a local artist by the name of Cameron Horning approached her asking to showcase his art in the shop. Beth happily agreed, knowing that his colorful and contemporary art style would only add to the already great shop. Shred the Lead is the name of Cameron's studio, and it's based at the back of the shop.

Beth Veeder has stocked the new coffee shop very well with an ice maker, reverse osmosis machine, brand-new espresso grinder, espresso machine, mini-fridge, and will be featuring coffee syrup brand Stirling. The shop will be serving hot drinks, iced and blended drinks, and even smoothies.

The coffee bar was designed and built by Josh Skogland, owner of Old Barn Woods.

Cameron Horning's Shred the Lead art studio.

Future plans for Door 204 will bring a lot of interaction in the community. Beth Veeder would like it to be a destination place where local artists can showcase music, art, and even products. "I would really like to keep activity in the community, and that's what I've designed the coffee shop to be. It's a really great way to stay involved." Veeder would also like to bring in TOMS shoes because they are stylish and she really appreciates their 'Buy one give one' charity. She would also like to add jewelry showcases, as well as accessories and select clothing items and more that also give back.

The grand opening for Door 204 Coffee Shop will be on Sat., Jan. 30th from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. The grand opening will include featured art by artist Cameron Horning with a silent auction for his art; a portion of the proceeds made from the auction will be donated to Kent Pelton Nature Park. John Skogland, who designed the coffee bar, will also be showcasing a few of his pieces at the event. Door 204 asks you to join them to celebrate local artists, musicians and the community, and of course lots of coffee!


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