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Nollmeyer Farms Recognized as the Top Grower in the 50-312 Acres Category


Pictured is the same field and location, showing the crop's growth at Nollmeyer Farms. May 31st.

During the top ten beet grower dinner, Nollmeyer Farms was recognized as the top grower in the 50-312 acres category. Del and Kim Nollmeyer, who farm north of Savage, averaged 40.07 ton per acre, 19.25 percent sugar, which resulted in a 35.28 rating on a 263-acre crop.

Del Nollmeyer grew up farming, started out by renting farmland from his father when he was still in high school. In 1989, he began farming on his own, and his wife Kim credits the quality of their crops to her husband's consistent farming methods.

Pictured is the same field and location, showing the crop's growth at Nollmeyer Farms. June 11th.

Only slight changes were made this year such as planting a little earlier than usual and irrigating more than other years. Some of the crop's success can be attributed to being in Mother Nature's good graces; Nollmeyer Farms was fortunate not to have crops freeze off in May, when other beet farmers were being hit with hard frost, and they had virtually no hail storms in their area.

Both are honored to have received Top Grower recognition. However, this is not the first time they've made the Top Ten; the last time Nollmeyer Farms was recognized as one of the Top Ten Beet Growers was in 2013.

"Del is a good farmer and he takes pride in his work," said Kim Nollmeyer of her husband. "It isn't easy to make the Top Ten when there are so many good farmers with really successful harvests," said Del Nollmeyer. "We're are very happy to have had such a good year."


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