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Sidney Gymnastics Bismarck Meet Results


January 16 was the Julie Ziegler Invitational at Bismark, ND.

Teams at the event consisted of Sidney Gymnastics Club (SGC), Jamestown Gymnastc Club, Bismarck Gymnastics Academy, Minot Gymagic, Red River Valley Gymnastics, TNT Gymnastics (Fargo), Valley City Twister, Dickison Gymnastics Club, Dakota Star Gymnastics (Mandan), and Williston Western Stars Gymnastics.

Level 3 SGC did not have their full squad, but they still did well. Makkya Beyer was a standout with a number of first place finishes including all round; Macy Tjedle fielded a number of top ten finishes as well.

SGC competitors included Makyya Beyer, Ella Jordan, Kylie Schoepp,, Laci Selting and Macy Tjelde.

Vault: 1st, Makyya Beyer 9.200, 3rd, Kylie Schoepp 9.100, 6th, Macy Tjelde 9.050.

Uneven Bars: 1st, Makkya Beyer 9.350, 2nd, Macy Tjelde 9.200, 10th, Kylie Schoepp 8.800.

Balance Beam: 4th, Kenzie Gaffield 8.900, 8th, Makkya Beyer 8.650, 10th, Macy Tjelde 8.500.

Floor Exercise: 1st, Makkya Beyer 9.325.

All Around: 1st, Makkya Beyer 36.525

The SGC Level 4 Squad was also not at full strength, but did well. Especially noteworthy was the performance of Taylor McPherson, which led to a 2nd place finish in the all around.

Vault: 8th, Taylor McPherson 8.00.

Uneven Bars: 2nd, Taylor McPherson 8.800. 8th, Marleah Cambell 8.300.

Balance Beam: 4th, Taylor McPherson 8.950.

Floor Exercise: 8th, Taylor McPherson 8.750.

All Around: 2nd, Taylor McPherson 34.500.


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