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Richland Community Complex Moves Forward Based On Survey Results


The phase 1 analysis and survey results show a positive community interest for a recreation & event center in Eastern Montana.  The results are a great step forward in making a recreation facility that will help to address the current needs in our community.  The potential building analysis will be scaled back to the current needs, with the ability to grow in the future in stages.  This stage 2 analysis will give us a better idea of what we can support here in our area.  The survey showed a positive community interest for a indoor pool with the capabilities for water physical therapy, swimming lessons, and a family environment for recreation.  Other positives were the need for more gym space for athletes and the ability to host events for our area which will help to bring an economic stability to our businesses.  An indoor track and workout facility with more capabilities, meeting spaces, and outdoor spaces with soccer fields, along with drop-in daycare and space for fine arts/musical performances were also identified.

We are hoping to find a way to enhance what we currently have by putting the most important needs first and have a plan for the future.  The 2nd phase of this analysis will give us a road map to move forward.

Please see the statement from the Convention, sports & leisure below:

Conventions, Sports & Leisure International (CSL) has completed a Phase I draft analysis that comprehensively evaluates the market demand for the potential development of a new multipurpose, recreation and event center in eastern Montana.  The research involved in this Phase included a detailed analysis of: existing market conditions; industry trends and characteristics; and, competitive and comparable facilities.

Additionally, we conducted an extensive survey process to measure demand for recreation and event space in eastern Montana that included: conversations with local area leaders and stakeholders; state and regional organizers of rotating meetings and events; concert and other touring show promoters; organizers and representatives of amateur sports tournaments; meets and other competitions; and, outreach to the eastern Montana community residents, which resulted in nearly 400 completed on-line surveys.  The results of these efforts were then synthesized and translated into a market supportable facility program for the potential development of a recreation and event center in eastern Montana.

The Richland Community Complex Board of Directors subsequently has requested that CSL continue with a Phase II evaluation of various key quantitative cost and benefit aspects, including financial operating, economic impacts and potential funding opportunities for a potential new recreation and event center.  At the conclusion of this analysis, we will develop findings and recommendations as to how the community could best proceed in order to protect its priorities and to best integrate efficiencies that may be available through various partnership opportunities.


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