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Letter to the Editor: Why I Am A Republican


Dear Editor,

Since launching my campaign a few weeks ago, I have been asked by a few friends and family members who knew of my political leanings in high school and college, why I am such a committed Republican now, when I used to support Democrat candidates then. I thought it would be good to set the record straight and explain how my political and especially my economic world views have matured since then.

During parts of high school and college I felt the government should be in the position to help the poor and disadvantaged. This was a normal, compassionate response to suffering that many of us feel when faced with the facts of human misery. But as I grew older and with more time and reflection I realized that giving people a handout does not empower them to live lives of dignity and self-governance. In fact, just the opposite happens. A welfare society depletes the national treasury, undermines the incentive to be self-supporting and productive and ultimately makes poor people wards of the government. Eventually, the country will even run into a financial crisis as was seen in Greece.

There’s a saying often attributed to Winston Churchill that goes, “If you’re not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you’re not a conservative at forty you have no brain.” This saying exactly parallels my own experience and maturing political values and beliefs. I am proud of the compassionate ideals I had as a young high school and college student, but now I firmly believe that the best way to help the disadvantaged is to promote policies that help businesses and working people to create a strong economy for everyone. In line with these beliefs, I have volunteered for nearly a half dozen Republican candidates on their campaigns since 2012.

As a Representative for House District 35, I will be committed to working to build a stronger Montana economy, both here in Richland County and throughout the State. I will support responsible infrastructure investments, strengthen our agriculture community, be a leader who listens and be a strong advocate for the issues facing Richland County.

Joel Krautter

Republican Candidate for MT House District 35


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