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Cover Crops Presentation By Kate Vogel At MonDak Ag Days March 3rd


Marcus & Kate Vogel

Kate Vogel, an accomplished business owner with her husband, Marcus Vogel, will be speaking on the importance of cover crops at this years 2016 MonDak Ag Days and Trade Show.

Kate Vogel and her husband believe that cover crops have multiple benefits and can be designed to fit various goals of individual producers. Some of these goals and benefits include weed suppression, nutrient cycling, enhanced biological activity, residue building, reduced compaction, improved soil structure, increased infiltration, greater water holding capacity, reduced erosion, more forage, and so much more. Together they own a cover crop seeding business called North 40 Ag, where they custom-design seed to fit customers' specific operation goals.

Kate Vogel has eight years of professional experience in soil science and agronomy. Through this, she has gained a strong background and understanding of soil function, from porosity and microbiology, to the more applied scale such as cropping systems. Kate's most recent experience is working with producers implementing soil health practices, and has even worked directly with irrigated and dry land farmers to make changes in their cropping systems. She believes that implementing soil health principles will economically benefit produces, decrease environmental impact on communities, and provide a better final product for the consumer.

Kate Vogel grew up in eastern Colorado and has her Bachelor of Science in chemistry and agronomy from Colorado State University. To earn her Master of Science, she wrote a thesis on Runoff and Erosion in No-Till Dry land Agroecosystems.

Kate Vogel will be speaking at the MonDak Ag Days about cover crops in Sidney, MT, Thurs., March 3, and 10 a.m. For more information on her, her husband, and their company, go to


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